Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A woman should be

I'm so bored with this manifesto. 

In my mind, i can do whatever i want no matter what my gender is. Including if i am transgender.

I think we should forget about gender battle or gender support altogether. We just fight for human right. Period. No more profiling, no more prejudice, no more all these nonsense.

We have forgotten our humanity. We have! Why else do we do what we do? We have forgotten about compassion. Otherwise why is the world the way it is now? 

The biggest sickness in this world is the crave for power and thirst for admiration. We lack everything else.
Also our mentality that always wants to blame and make all kinds of excuses worsen just about every aspect of our lives. What's even sadder? We are in DENIAL about it.

It's time to be accountable. It's time to do. It's time to change. it's time to move. grow, enhance, advance. 

It is time.