Monday, 3 June 2013

Ulcelerate Month!

You know how the september issue is like the craziest issue for American Vogue? Well, for us the craziest, most stomach twisting months are the 3 months pre Eid al Fitr and Anniversary Issue. The difference between Eid al Fitr and Anniversary issue though, people are less like headless chicken when we are working on the Anniversary issue. Let me explain.

Headless chicken normally running around panicking, stressing, before actually die. Well, during pre Eid al Ftr, we are sort of like that. Running around, panicking, stressed to da max, and we can just drop dead anytime out of tension. Why? Because we have to do 2 editions at the same time. If a writer normally writes 5 article, now she has to write 10 articles. If marketing has to reach a target, then double it! It's all because Gogirl! give longer holiday for Idl Fitr. That means no time to do the next edition after the holiday. Imagine the chaos.

Now it's june. If anyone notice, i hardly ever tweet or post anything these days. I notice my timeline everywhere is quiet too. That's probably because things are just crazy in other's life too.

The one thing that stresses me out is, my clients, for so many reasons, tend to always forget that Eid moves sooner every year. That means the deadline for any kind of Ramadan and Eid al Fitr promotion have to be submitted earlier too! We reminded them almost everyday. They nod and then think that we are annoying for doing so. Then at the very last minute, they beg or sometimes threaten (or else) so that we'd give them a page or sometimes 6 pages for the campaign. This means a round of frowns and lots of cross-departmental mediation. Needless to say, i'm taking all kinds of ulcer and gastritis medications to deal with this stress.* 

Now this post does not mean to understate the stress that my clients are dealing in their own respective corporations. I just meant to paint a picture of what is going on in ours. 

This June is, no doubt, chaotic for everyone! But hey, we are used to it by now. So i'm thinking positive thoughts and stocking my inpepsa, nexium, pankreoflat too. (that's my regular army of gastritis medications) 

I'm sure, we are going to be GREAT!

*To those who do not know, i have major gastritis problems that had me hospitalized several times. Stress usually the main cause. That's why i titled this one ulcelerate : from : ulcer and accelerate ;)