Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mommies unite!

I wish all mommies read this and stop judging other mommies!

Not all moms can or want to breastfeed. Not all moms want to give birth naturally, not all moms want to work or stay at home. 

It's freaking arrogant to feel superior to other moms for these choices. None of us is superior to the other, so stop making other moms feel guilty with her choices. No matter what we do, we young moms try our best, and no matter how hard we try, we always feel we haven't done enough. We feel guilty on a daily basis, we don't need other people to make it worse. We pretty much good at doing that ourselves.

We moms should just support each other. Cuz whats best for our circumstance is not always best for other people.

Monday, 14 October 2013


For the past 2 weeks, i've been receiving quite a lot of life lessons. 

From reading several books, i've come to conclude Americans care too much about labels. They get offended by what they think is improper label. They read too much of everything. This conclusion had been forming in my head for several years, from watching movies, news, talkshows, reading books, magazines etc, but it became a solid conclusion when i read, "lean in."

To Americans, our jokes will sound incredibly rude, or racist. But, i think we Indonesian don't think much about it, because a joke is thought of as it is, a joke. It didn't come from a "bad" place. None of us meant to degrade any Solonese when we joke that, somebody walk too slow like Solonese princess. Or when we mimic Ambonese accent in certain jokes. I can imagine that all hell will break loose if an ethnic group make fun of another in the US. 

I thought about why this happen. I found it funny that western people think we asian are too serious and uptight, while we actually can laugh at each other and are more open to laugh at ourselves. Like i would just laugh whenever people mock my Indian heritage. 

I think when there are painful past, that's when the sensitivity came. Americans have dark history when it comes to the treatment of African-American people. But what i still can't understand is, hmm why the sensitivity in everything else? Does that come from fear of repeating history? Why do we have to call ourselves "work loving parent" instead of "working mom", "senior women" instead of "boss", making a fuss of what to say when we refer, "work-life ballance". Some people think saying work-life ballance is like calling work as something alien to our life, we have call it another way because work is life. 💤.

At first, i thought, "Don't we all have better things to do than re-phrasing every single thing that we say? They all sound and mean the same to me. They are just semantics."

But then, as always, God would put me in a position that made me somewhat understand the importance of choosing the right words.

The position was, well, the NTS book. I'm getting a little bit of attention because of the book, and umm, i'm not comfortable with it. I'm used to producing work where the work it self gets the credit, not the people behind it. That's when i started to withdraw, and declining some interviews and speaking opportunities. 

This is where my coach had to lure me out of my cave and try out my roar. As i was telling him about the new developments in the company, including the launch of the book and what opportunity it presented, i started to shrunk in my seat. I didn't notice it, until he pointed it out. 

He laugh and said, "Nin, how weird is that you are telling an exciting story, but made it sound to terrible." 

I said nothing, probably stared blankly. So he asked, "what is it that scares you so much?"

"Umm, a lot. But that's not the thing. The  thing is, i don't like drawing attention to my self. I don't like this self promoting thing. It makes me very uncomfortable and i had to always stop my self from panicking." 

"Well, why did you write the book?"

"Because i want people to learn from our mistakes, be inspired, motivated, enlightened by ours and other entrepreneurs' experiences."

"Then why don't you tell yourself that you are not promoting yourself, tell yourself that you are telling people that through Gogirl! you acquired these experiences and you hope people will learn, be inspired, motivated, and enlighten."


"Yeah, but how does that make you feel?"

"Actually, if you put it that way, then yeah, i can do that."

"Bet, you start to get excited don't you? Cuz' you just sat up, and lean in. Before, you slouched and shrunked in your seat."

I just smiled. Cuz' he was absolutely right.

Now, i do understand the effect of the right words. They are quite powerful. 

That being said, i still think we should keep away from labels. Positive words are great, but we don't need labels and make a fuss of everything. We still got a lot to do, like, rising to the challenge of leaning in and save the world.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

From No One to Someone

Ahhh finally! The wait is over. October 5th, 2013 marked a historic event. Aside from The Expo itself of course. The launch of "No One to Someone" was held. It was a humble gathering, probably only about 68 people attended, but we were so overwhelmed with joy that that number seemed like a lot.

Bentang Pustaka Booth

We started the session with a seminar of how to turn your passion into profession. We then came out later, as people who actualy did just that.

My sisters were all there with me, we all laugh, talk, cried, and signed the copies that people buy at that event.

Is it wrong that the first thought that popped in my mind was, "yay, i look thinner!"

On Stage

Notice the wet faces? We can't hold back tears after the playing of our journey's video.

Book signing line

Happily signing the books

The Power of Three :)

Us with dad, whom i mention quiet a lot in the book as well.

It was a beautiful day! I'm glad BentangPustaka  encouraged me to write our and other entrepreneur's stories.

Here's to becoming a meaningful somebody!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Book Update

2 days ago i went to the book printer's place to check on the progress of NTS book. I didn't plan to stay long but, to my dismay, the print quality was astonishingly bad. 

I protested off course, but as usual, the printer's reactions were blaming everything else but themselves. The quality of the paper, or how in their belief, the quality is acceptable.


Almost 9 years in this business, problems with printers seems to have sequals almost as many as the fast and the furious movie franchise. And their responses were so predictable that it's starting to feel like a bad commercial line.

So, i pointed out that:
1. Yes quality of the paper is terrible, but their ink density is bad. They should know by now that this brand of book paper does not absorb ink well, worse after the ink dried out, the color fades. 
2. Yes there are nothing both i and the printer can do about the paper, because in our agreement that's the publisher's jurisdiction. Even so, there are ways to make sure that the ink, specially the black ink does not fade. 
3. The files were fine. The colors were block colors, not transparent, and they made the mistake while making the plates. 
4. When they start to blame the lack of sophistication of their machine and therefore not being able to meet my expectations, i pounted the sheet that had my signature on it. I left it there because it's suppossed to be the sample of color and quality benchmark for them to follow. That sheet came from their machine, a sample that i took out from the previous night work, and showed them how different in terms of color and sharpness. 

So yes, in the end, everyone went quiet. Because i was telling the truth and they know it. Everyone appologized, but that was really not what i wanted. I wanted solutions, and i don't like the solution in my mind. 

I thought, with printing this bad, they have to reprint everything! But, i hated that. Even though the books are printed on recycled papers, i still hated the thought of wasting papers and even more so, i hated wasting time.

So, at this point, i already know the drill. While everybody else made themselves scarce and pretended to be busy, i had a discussion with machine operators. We then tried several things so that we can fix the quality and salvage the papers. 

In the end there were some metal plates, ink placement and printing sequence changed. But when i left the printer that night, everything seemed to be in order. I plan to go back there today, depended on my children's mood. I wanted to take them out to play, but my kids are home kids, they like the comfort of their home. While their moms needed to go out, they don't. If they don't feel like going out today, then i'll go to the printers.

PS : The picture of me on top of this post was taken by Atjil (Thanks tjil!). She came with me to the printers because i offered her a ride home. But it turned out i had to stay, so i had my driver took her home. 

Monday, 16 September 2013


I know i knowwww....! Why would a magazine make a passion expo anyway? That's what people have been asking me these days. 

I'm just bored with the same old thing that we do. Beauty pageant is good but it's been around for centuries. Passion expo on the other hand, is a new concept. So i wanted to do it. It's risky, and though i try to hide it, i'm freaking out!

You see, not many people will sponsor anything new. I'm branded crazy by lots of people now, because i'm doing a completely new concept just when sponsors are confident about Gogirl! Look. That means, this year i can reap big money from sponsors if i make another big Gogirl! Look event. Instead, i make Gogirl! Look smaller in size and making it part of something bigger, something we call Gogirl! Passion Expo.

So what does that mean? It means sponsors scatter, and leave. They don't like anything new, and that means we have to fund the whole event ourselves. The problem is, the money is so tight, that we are all in praying mode. 

Needless to say, i'm scared. 

I made crazy moves in the past, though most of my madness paid off, some didn't. My mistakes cost money, and they cost a lot! So yes, i'm scared.

But, you see, somehow, my mind is programmed to seek solutions. So in times like this, my mind tells me to counsel my own heart, cuz it's the strongest part of me. And my heart tells me, i should not worry, and that... I should eat more nutritious food. Ah ya, my heart rambles just like my mouth do.

I know, Gogirl! Is going to be somewhat elevated soon. Because, experience told me, whenever we were going to grow, there were just one hardship to another that was thrown our way. So, we are going to grow. I know that. I just need to keep going and have faith.

Yeah, i admit it. This is an ambitious project. But, i swear that i do it because i want more meaningful event that can help more people. The road is tough, but we've been through worse. No need to dramatize the minor challenges we are experiencing right now.

We can do this! With or without sponsors, we will manage, we will strive, we will be successful! We will make everyone who opens booths in expo successful and make tremendous profit! We will have inspiring speakers that makes our seminar and workshop attendees feel enriched, motivated, inspired, and enlightened. Every one will be happy, inspired, and successful! Gogirl! Passion Expo is A BIG SUCCESS! Amen! Amen! Ameeen!

Friday, 6 September 2013

The NTS book

Last january, i was approached by Bentang Pustaka, a book publisher that published The Naked Traveller, Perahu Kertas, Top Words, etc. They asked me if i'm interested in writing a book. 

Suddenly, my visualization came to mind. You see, Brad Sugars taught us to IVVM : Idealize Visualize Verbalize, and it will materialize. One of the things i've IVV-ed in the last year was, i'm going to write a book someday. And that someday come sooner than i thought.

My first reaction? Wonder. Shocked. Grateful to tears (literally). And then.. Scared. I mean, is this real? Wait, am i ready? Is Gogirl!'s story really a story worth telling? Are we not getting ahead of ourselves here? 

When in doubt, i asked, who else? My husband and my sisters. Anita asked, "why do we want to write a book?" I said, "because maybe, our story is bigger than we are. Maybe, our struggles were not only meant for us, but for other's too." She smiled her very few smiles. Sat back, and sigh. "But there will be people who are going to be angry with it." She shot me a look. And i understand what she meant. During the course of time, there are many things that happened, and those things involved other people, families, and us. I understand that we have to tell the truth, and truths are... well, inconvenient.

I said, "it's time we admit that the money we got for Gogirl! came from dad not from a bank loan. We have to tell the truth." 
But i know that's not what my sister meant. We have no problem admitting our own faults, it's the stories about other's faults that makes her nauseous. So i said, "i'll be delicate, but it'll still anger certain people."

Anita just said, "ah, whatever we do, there will be people who are going to be mad at us. I'd say, let's do it. But i'm not passionate in writing a book, it's your thing ga, i'll edit and set the art direction."

Fast forward 9 months, the book is done.   We titled it "No One to Someone" because it was the theme of our very first edition and because we believe each of us has that potential.

This is the dummy of the book. It'll look almost exactly like this, with extra spot uv effect. It's going to be launched in 3 weeks and it's going to be priced at Rp 59.500,-

To be honest, we feel just as nervous and as excited as the first time we were going to launch Gogirl! 

Fingers crossed! 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Duck in My Cherry Sauce

I think it was my last day in London when i decided to cut and color my hair. I just thought being in on of the stylish city in the world, they have to have some good stylist. I went to Windle & Moodie.

Just as any English establishment, people at Windle & Moodie are very nice. Sergei cut my hair and Jamie deepened my color. It was just a fair cut, but i know from experience great salons normally don't give you a great haircut right there. Gotta wait till it grew a little. The color on the other hand made me look healthier somehow. It's dark brown actually suits my complexion and in the next pictures, specially when i get to santorini, the color looked even prettier and prettier.

Ahh, posting that picture makes me miss London. The people's courtesy there made me feel ashamed. I mean, aren't we Asian should be the ones with the superior manner and courtesy? But i guess, this is the second city that took me by surprise by it's courteous citizen. When i was in Den Haag, people actually greeted each other as they pass by. Well, at least in the morning. One very chilly morning, My husband and i were entering a little cafe, and i was taken aback when everyone nodded and the ones standing closest and nearest to us actually said "morgen".

Anyway, that last day in London was me being me. So of course i gotta go to King's Cross. The closest thing a muggle like me can go to peek into the wizarding world. I tried to get through Platform 9 3/4 to no avail even though i had the Elder wand in my hand.

Oh well, i guess it was a long shot. I just have to be happy that, the only magic i can get would come in a form of dinner. 

So we walk to Trafalgar Square and made our way to Soho where rows of cool places to eat would tempt you with their aroma, interior design, or at least warmth. It was getting late and London was getting chillier. My mistake was, i did not bring any respectable autumn jacket. I thought London would be warm. I started  to feel the chill to my bones and i hurried up. But the places we passed were full. Some even have lines outside their door. People actually lining up neatly in the cold to eat. Much like sushi tei crowd, only they don't scramble. They stand like how people would get in line to get XXI tickets. 

Dayu pointed out across the street to what she said to be a famous italian restaurant. As i followed her fingers, i found the line were even longer. I rolled my eyes and she got it. Not far i felt a little warmth, and it came from COTÈ. I asked Dayu if it's any good, and she didn't know. So i suggested we tried the place. Immediately, i felt at ease. Warm warm warm! It's all i needed then. Tropical human like me can't stand the windy and chilly weather. Dayu in the other hand was just happy we found a place to eat. Both of us were hungryyy!

As soon as they gave us their menu, i was dishearten. It was a french restaurant and i was not familiar with any of their dishes. So i ordered the most "normal" one. It was duck, served in pink with cherry sauce. I don't like duck, i don't like anything less than overcooked, and i don't prefer cherry. But i thought, at least i know what each ingredient taste like, and unlike any other things on the menu, it would be predictable.

When it came, it came like this : 


The duck looked raw. I swear i tried not to vomit

But through out this trip i really tried to try  new things, and so i swallowed. 

It was chewy, and then i tasted the cherry. How strange. It didn't taste bad. It actually is hmmm quite ok. I took another one, choosing what look like the less chewy one, dipped it in the sauce, and it was actually GREAT! I drank my wine and the meal became INCREDIBLE! It was insane! Dayu said her meal was extremely good too!

Lovely lovely London! One visit is so not enough. I will return to discover more ducks and more cherry sauce!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 3 : Hittin' The High Street

My sister, Githa, had put me on a quest. To find the most wanted bag of this year : the Givenchy Antigona. Needless to say i no nothing about Antigona, but how hard could it be?

The bag, apparently is really that difficult to find. I went to Harrods, Harvey Nichols, etc to no avail. They have the other one, that got me thinking that my sister is either nuts or i just really have a bad fashion sense. 

This is Antigona. To me, this bag looks like a doctor from 1985 would carry everywhere. I just don't get it. She wanted this bag? That's just crayzieh. But, what do i know? She's the stylish one. So i sent this pic to her and just kept on looking. I'm on a mission my self.   I'm hunting for a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle patent, 120mm, in MY size. They are supposed to be £395, or about 6 mill rupiah but the one in my size is sold everywhere for 10 million. 

I found my "baby" in Harvey Nics, one last pair left! It was totally meant to be mine! Without any hesitation these pretties are in my shopping bag and i smiled for the rest of the entire day.

Feeling famished, we went up to the 5th floor of Harvey Nics to eat. A place where we found delightful meal, crazy delicious wine and we ate 2 portions each! Seriously! It was heaven! 

By the way, while in London i drank wine with every meal, and i didn't get drunk at all! Usually, i rarely drink wine, when i do i drink at home with my husband, while watching tv or discussing our day. Or maybe with very close friends only. The reason? I get drunk too easy, sometimes over a rumball or coffee with the tiniest portion of rum. So a glass of wine is a sure way to get totally wasted. But in London, i can drink 2 glasses and don't feel anything but warmth. London was cold, too cold and too windy. I guess all that wine was used up to warm my body. But they didn't help much, it was still too chilly for me.

Anyway, we continued our search for Antigona in Selfridges. There, i saw what sister saw. The Antigona, in lamb skin. 

It is truly a beauty. It's a head turner, even when i tried it on, it invited the nearest people to come to Givenchy corner and ask for their own piece. I sent the picture to my sister, and she was nearly hysterical. Well, as hysterical as she can be in whatsapp anyway. So i bought it, and it was a successful shopping day! 

I was pretty happy when we strolled down oxford street, since i got everything i had and wanted to buy. But it was not until i got the most perfect jeans i ever tried on, that i felt like i was walking on air. It was dark indigo, perfectly cut to my size and HEIGHT! It was, ladies and gents, the £7 jeans, from Primark.

Oh London, how i love thee! 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

On a Journey

To gain my sanity and sharpness back i went on a trip to Europe. This time i chose London, Barcelona, Santorini as my destinations.

I will start with London.

Soon as I arrived i was dead tired. But instead of sleeping, my friend Dayu and i walked to Hyde Park. Stopped at PRET to get our picnic meal, i was impressed by how easy it is for Londoners to lead a healthy life.PRET is a place where we can buy yummy healthy sandwiches, soups, some type of fruits and available everywhere. More over we have to walk quite far to anywhere. Yes we took the tube and buses, but we still had to walk far after our stop. So It's freakin easy to eat healthy and probably to be skinny.  We moved around a lot and we moved around fast. I dropped one size just because staying in London for a week!

At Hyde Park - First Day in London

London is very expensive, at least to live. To shop? well that's another matter. I came just in time for the sale. Since i'm a huge fan of English brands, i found my self in an euphoric trance. Everything marked down. Their normal prices are already way below their prices in Jakarta, now they marked it down. 30% off. That's about the same as 60% off Jakarta price. Who doesn't get a little loony?

My second day was a tourist day. We went around the city, to the most touristy spots. I was decked out, totally excited to take loads of pictures. Complete with my new Zara wedges that i wanted to debut. How stupid was i?

Walking in heels, in London? Even stiletto natives like me found it "mental". As soon as we got to Big Ben, i hailed a big black, taxi! We went back to Dayu's house so that i can change into proper flats.

It was sunny, and it was all the sun that i got through out my stay in London. To my surprise i didn't get to meet Kate Middleton. At all. What's that all about? I thought i'd be shopping right next to her in REISS? 

Oh well. Day two and i was tired. So maybe, i'd see Kate in Harvey nics tomorrow? We'll see.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Talks and Seminars

Originally, i took marketing in college and i specialized in Business Strategy. I find it fascinating and the complication challenged me. I got quite good at it and as soon as i graduated i started teaching the subjects in my Alma mater. I love strategy and it was not without strategy that Gogirl! is where it is today. Even so, because I'm more famous as co-founder of Gogirl! i got invited more and more to teach and talk about entrepreneurship rather than my specialty. I kinda miss it. I love the discussion we have in my strategic classes. I felt that i grew from each sessions and i was learning from my students as well, and i love it.

Seminars and talks on the other hand make me cringe. Well, only in the beginning, where the M.C or the screen put my picture and credentials. Where i went to school, my achievements, bla bla. I hate that part, and i never get used to it. I always insist that people would just call my name to stage without all the pomp and circumstance. But, most of the time seminars' committee ignore my plea. I guess it's different if I am about to speak at an international event, people do have the right to know why the hell am I worth a listen. But even then, i still cringe. Maybe because i'm not sure if i am worthwhile.

Another thing about seminars and talks, they are also more of : me talking, people listening format. I kinda, hmm, not into talking, i like discussing. That's why, most of the time i don't use power point. I just talk a few minutes and then open Q&A. Start the conversation going.
 Though this helps, it's different than the dynamic in classrooms. where i talk and students can just cut me and start asking questions. Questions that many times were answered by other classmates, then debated or challenged or questioned by other classmate. Then i would intervene by asking more questions that got the class thinking. This went on until the bell ringed. The energy is just different, and i miss it a lot.

That being said, i still like the chance to help people, and sometimes i see by sharing our experiences in Gogirl! people do change, or get motivated, feel empowered, or other positive feelings. I love that. If i am allowed to change lives, I'd love to have that opportunity. I am extremely grateful when people do get inspired. Because that is trully an honor and it means our lives truly have meaning. If i am allowed to reach others' life that way, well, i wouldn't say no to that. So i always jump to any chance to speak and share our experiences, to tell the story of what we went through and what we've learned so far.

Here are some of the pictures of my recent talk Bakrie University

Monday, 3 June 2013

Ulcelerate Month!

You know how the september issue is like the craziest issue for American Vogue? Well, for us the craziest, most stomach twisting months are the 3 months pre Eid al Fitr and Anniversary Issue. The difference between Eid al Fitr and Anniversary issue though, people are less like headless chicken when we are working on the Anniversary issue. Let me explain.

Headless chicken normally running around panicking, stressing, before actually die. Well, during pre Eid al Ftr, we are sort of like that. Running around, panicking, stressed to da max, and we can just drop dead anytime out of tension. Why? Because we have to do 2 editions at the same time. If a writer normally writes 5 article, now she has to write 10 articles. If marketing has to reach a target, then double it! It's all because Gogirl! give longer holiday for Idl Fitr. That means no time to do the next edition after the holiday. Imagine the chaos.

Now it's june. If anyone notice, i hardly ever tweet or post anything these days. I notice my timeline everywhere is quiet too. That's probably because things are just crazy in other's life too.

The one thing that stresses me out is, my clients, for so many reasons, tend to always forget that Eid moves sooner every year. That means the deadline for any kind of Ramadan and Eid al Fitr promotion have to be submitted earlier too! We reminded them almost everyday. They nod and then think that we are annoying for doing so. Then at the very last minute, they beg or sometimes threaten (or else) so that we'd give them a page or sometimes 6 pages for the campaign. This means a round of frowns and lots of cross-departmental mediation. Needless to say, i'm taking all kinds of ulcer and gastritis medications to deal with this stress.* 

Now this post does not mean to understate the stress that my clients are dealing in their own respective corporations. I just meant to paint a picture of what is going on in ours. 

This June is, no doubt, chaotic for everyone! But hey, we are used to it by now. So i'm thinking positive thoughts and stocking my inpepsa, nexium, pankreoflat too. (that's my regular army of gastritis medications) 

I'm sure, we are going to be GREAT!

*To those who do not know, i have major gastritis problems that had me hospitalized several times. Stress usually the main cause. That's why i titled this one ulcelerate : from : ulcer and accelerate ;)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Lately, Anita and i have been talking about arrogance. I told her that i was shocked to find someone made me feel so tiny recently. Not in a good way, but in a way that made me feel like i was being treated like an idiot.

I recounted the conversation i had with the person who belittled me, and of course my sis couldn't believe me when i told her who i had this conversation with. I don't blame her. During the convo, I was too shocked myself, that i hardly said much. In twitter this person always sounded so sincere and humble. That was not the truth, and it's still hard for me to believe that that's not the truth.

I asked my sis, whether i'm dramatizing it. After all, our coach did taught us how to shortlist people that we want to work with. 

There was a moment of silence as we both consider this fact. Then Anita told me, "He may be just having a bad day and you happened to be impacted. But, if he did said the things that you said, and with the manner that you said, then he must have felt some superiority towards you. Otherwise he won't say it that way."

I said, "I understand why he did it, but the way that he did, that does not sit right with me. He sounded like he's the only one who knows about that particular subject, and that's just sounded too arrogant, and i don't want our readers to learn from that kind of people. Is that okay?"

Anita said, "Yes. Of course."

Me : "I do wonder why people become arrogant."

Anita : "Well, they must feel that they are better than others or most people."

Me : " I feel that i'm better about certain things than most people. But i still don't think i have the right to belittle people, or be arrogant."

Anita : "Really, you feel better than others?"

Me: "Aren't we all better at one or two things than others? Even so, it's absurd for me to think, that just because other people are not good at what i'm good at, then that means they are stupid or beneath me. That's just absurd."

Anita : "Maybe he received so many compliments. 'Cuz it can get to your head, you know? And he might not even realized it."

Me : "It's just, such a shame, you know?"

Anita : "Yeah, well..."

After that we talk about something else. 

Arrogance. A concept that i might never understand, along with smoking to look cool, swearing to look edgy, and saying demeaning things to sound "deep".

These things befuddled me.

Gogirl! Milestone : Induction Video Shoot

Yesterday was important. For the first time ever, we made an induction video for new recruits. This is actually a realization of several inputs that i gathered for the last couple of months from the crew, my coach, and business excellence forum.

Inside the video is a little introduction of Gogirl! What are our culture and quirks, what are the expected attitude as part of Gogirl! family, and Introduction of the rest of the other crew members: name, job tittle, job desc, where they sit, etc. 

This is a little scene shot. I was rehearsing my line. We ended up not polishing my language or the way i talk. I want it to be serious but real. I stutter and i repeat things that i said. That's the way i talk in real life, so we let it be. 

And here's my make up by Jeinita Ante. I looove it! i can't even recognized myself. That woman is a miracle worker! I swear i  look nothing like this picture in real life!

I wish i look like this everyday! Thanks J! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Beginning

I've been thinking about blogging for a while. Most of the time, i thought the blog will work as my digital diary. It's a shame that when we first started Gogirl!, blogs' presence were not as common as they are now. Otherwise, we'd have a documented journey. But then i thought, i can just start now. I will post my days, growing the business, or when i speak on multiple occasions about Gogirl! or marketing, or business strategy. I will write about my thoughts, or probably i will post articles that's been gnawing my mind but unsuitable to be published in the magazine or our website. This blog will be about my own journey. How i always thrive to inspire, motivate, enlighten, or entertain. Just like Gogirl! always do.