Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Talks and Seminars

Originally, i took marketing in college and i specialized in Business Strategy. I find it fascinating and the complication challenged me. I got quite good at it and as soon as i graduated i started teaching the subjects in my Alma mater. I love strategy and it was not without strategy that Gogirl! is where it is today. Even so, because I'm more famous as co-founder of Gogirl! i got invited more and more to teach and talk about entrepreneurship rather than my specialty. I kinda miss it. I love the discussion we have in my strategic classes. I felt that i grew from each sessions and i was learning from my students as well, and i love it.

Seminars and talks on the other hand make me cringe. Well, only in the beginning, where the M.C or the screen put my picture and credentials. Where i went to school, my achievements, bla bla. I hate that part, and i never get used to it. I always insist that people would just call my name to stage without all the pomp and circumstance. But, most of the time seminars' committee ignore my plea. I guess it's different if I am about to speak at an international event, people do have the right to know why the hell am I worth a listen. But even then, i still cringe. Maybe because i'm not sure if i am worthwhile.

Another thing about seminars and talks, they are also more of : me talking, people listening format. I kinda, hmm, not into talking, i like discussing. That's why, most of the time i don't use power point. I just talk a few minutes and then open Q&A. Start the conversation going.
 Though this helps, it's different than the dynamic in classrooms. where i talk and students can just cut me and start asking questions. Questions that many times were answered by other classmates, then debated or challenged or questioned by other classmate. Then i would intervene by asking more questions that got the class thinking. This went on until the bell ringed. The energy is just different, and i miss it a lot.

That being said, i still like the chance to help people, and sometimes i see by sharing our experiences in Gogirl! people do change, or get motivated, feel empowered, or other positive feelings. I love that. If i am allowed to change lives, I'd love to have that opportunity. I am extremely grateful when people do get inspired. Because that is trully an honor and it means our lives truly have meaning. If i am allowed to reach others' life that way, well, i wouldn't say no to that. So i always jump to any chance to speak and share our experiences, to tell the story of what we went through and what we've learned so far.

Here are some of the pictures of my recent talk Bakrie University

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