Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Lately, Anita and i have been talking about arrogance. I told her that i was shocked to find someone made me feel so tiny recently. Not in a good way, but in a way that made me feel like i was being treated like an idiot.

I recounted the conversation i had with the person who belittled me, and of course my sis couldn't believe me when i told her who i had this conversation with. I don't blame her. During the convo, I was too shocked myself, that i hardly said much. In twitter this person always sounded so sincere and humble. That was not the truth, and it's still hard for me to believe that that's not the truth.

I asked my sis, whether i'm dramatizing it. After all, our coach did taught us how to shortlist people that we want to work with. 

There was a moment of silence as we both consider this fact. Then Anita told me, "He may be just having a bad day and you happened to be impacted. But, if he did said the things that you said, and with the manner that you said, then he must have felt some superiority towards you. Otherwise he won't say it that way."

I said, "I understand why he did it, but the way that he did, that does not sit right with me. He sounded like he's the only one who knows about that particular subject, and that's just sounded too arrogant, and i don't want our readers to learn from that kind of people. Is that okay?"

Anita said, "Yes. Of course."

Me : "I do wonder why people become arrogant."

Anita : "Well, they must feel that they are better than others or most people."

Me : " I feel that i'm better about certain things than most people. But i still don't think i have the right to belittle people, or be arrogant."

Anita : "Really, you feel better than others?"

Me: "Aren't we all better at one or two things than others? Even so, it's absurd for me to think, that just because other people are not good at what i'm good at, then that means they are stupid or beneath me. That's just absurd."

Anita : "Maybe he received so many compliments. 'Cuz it can get to your head, you know? And he might not even realized it."

Me : "It's just, such a shame, you know?"

Anita : "Yeah, well..."

After that we talk about something else. 

Arrogance. A concept that i might never understand, along with smoking to look cool, swearing to look edgy, and saying demeaning things to sound "deep".

These things befuddled me.

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