Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gogirl! Milestone : Induction Video Shoot

Yesterday was important. For the first time ever, we made an induction video for new recruits. This is actually a realization of several inputs that i gathered for the last couple of months from the crew, my coach, and business excellence forum.

Inside the video is a little introduction of Gogirl! What are our culture and quirks, what are the expected attitude as part of Gogirl! family, and Introduction of the rest of the other crew members: name, job tittle, job desc, where they sit, etc. 

This is a little scene shot. I was rehearsing my line. We ended up not polishing my language or the way i talk. I want it to be serious but real. I stutter and i repeat things that i said. That's the way i talk in real life, so we let it be. 

And here's my make up by Jeinita Ante. I looove it! i can't even recognized myself. That woman is a miracle worker! I swear i  look nothing like this picture in real life!

I wish i look like this everyday! Thanks J! 

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