Monday, 16 September 2013


I know i knowwww....! Why would a magazine make a passion expo anyway? That's what people have been asking me these days. 

I'm just bored with the same old thing that we do. Beauty pageant is good but it's been around for centuries. Passion expo on the other hand, is a new concept. So i wanted to do it. It's risky, and though i try to hide it, i'm freaking out!

You see, not many people will sponsor anything new. I'm branded crazy by lots of people now, because i'm doing a completely new concept just when sponsors are confident about Gogirl! Look. That means, this year i can reap big money from sponsors if i make another big Gogirl! Look event. Instead, i make Gogirl! Look smaller in size and making it part of something bigger, something we call Gogirl! Passion Expo.

So what does that mean? It means sponsors scatter, and leave. They don't like anything new, and that means we have to fund the whole event ourselves. The problem is, the money is so tight, that we are all in praying mode. 

Needless to say, i'm scared. 

I made crazy moves in the past, though most of my madness paid off, some didn't. My mistakes cost money, and they cost a lot! So yes, i'm scared.

But, you see, somehow, my mind is programmed to seek solutions. So in times like this, my mind tells me to counsel my own heart, cuz it's the strongest part of me. And my heart tells me, i should not worry, and that... I should eat more nutritious food. Ah ya, my heart rambles just like my mouth do.

I know, Gogirl! Is going to be somewhat elevated soon. Because, experience told me, whenever we were going to grow, there were just one hardship to another that was thrown our way. So, we are going to grow. I know that. I just need to keep going and have faith.

Yeah, i admit it. This is an ambitious project. But, i swear that i do it because i want more meaningful event that can help more people. The road is tough, but we've been through worse. No need to dramatize the minor challenges we are experiencing right now.

We can do this! With or without sponsors, we will manage, we will strive, we will be successful! We will make everyone who opens booths in expo successful and make tremendous profit! We will have inspiring speakers that makes our seminar and workshop attendees feel enriched, motivated, inspired, and enlightened. Every one will be happy, inspired, and successful! Gogirl! Passion Expo is A BIG SUCCESS! Amen! Amen! Ameeen!

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