Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Despite the many ups and down that we have faced in the last 11 years building Gogirl, i never get used to the sickness in my stomach, whenever i know that chalenging time is ahead.

We just received a letter from Dirjen Pajak, replying to our plea. They denied it. And that, obviously is a very gloomy letter. This year has been a very good year, but our profits is sucked away to pay our taxes. In april alone we had to pay so much money for tax. Every time i remember how much, i really want to cry. 

Things that many entrepreneurs tend to neglect are taxations. Mainly because, we didn't think that our little business can actually be big someday. As we thrive, we forget to be dilligent in book keeping and taxations. In 2009, we lost a lot of invoice and documentations, both soft copy and hard copies. So when the government asked about our reports, we lost a lot of the documentations.

I remember that day, a year ago. I wish i could say that it was a grey rainy day. So that i can give you the right background, the right ambiance, when i heard for the first time, that i, 9 months pregnant and all, could be going to jail, because of taxation. 

Stressed? To say the least. All this taxation mess is of course our own doing. We hated talking about accounting and tax and didn't pay enough attention about the whole thing. You might say, "but you are in business for a decade now, how could you not know or not take care of taxations?"
But that's the truth. I was that careless. I was that stupid. I signed documents in the past without reading or caring what i was signing. It all changed in 2012-2013. But the times before that, it was black hole of mess.

Now, the carelessness in the past has come forward as consequence. We had to pay. The taxes that we owed the government plus 100% fine. So we have been paying and paying every month. I feel like the government is taking all the money we earned with blood, sweat, tears and major dramas. I'm trying not to be depressed right now.


I know it's my fault. I have changed. But the consequence of the past is still and will still be turning the unicorn, ice creams, and rainbows in my head into a grey, unmoving wallpaper. Yeah, normaly my world (in my head) is mostly willy wonka meet cloudy with a chance of meatball 2, very animated, and colorful. They are very still and very grey right now.

Anyway, i don't have the luxury to be depressed. Tomorrow is andrew's birthday, and i have to run errands. Maybe i'll sneak in some MFB before coaching. Oh right, i have coaching today. Sometimes coaching is almost like theraphy too. And i'm thankful for that.

Here goes another day. Up and about, Nin!

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