Friday, 30 October 2015


We all make them. And then deny that we do.

We'd try to rationalize that things are beyond our control or that we've tried our best.

A few years ago, i met Brad Sugars. It was in a rare and very expensive masterclass for entrepreneurs. It was in that class i was told, repeatedly, that i was making excuses.

At first, i felt humiliated, and then i felt angry, and then flustered, hot with anger. I felt that the problems i was dealing, was real. I was not making any excuses. But every time i said, "but..." He cut me off, saying, "that's an excuse."

I was angry. Then i became quiet. He continued though by saying, "You are trying to find validation of your feelings, and i'm not here for that. I'm here to tell you, you are focusing on the wrong thing.  Instead of asking why things doesn't work, you should start discussing, 'What would work? What do we have to do to find out? What do we have to do, so that this whole mess does not happen again in future.' You see the difference here?"

He was right, of course. 

We all hate people who doesn't let us validate our feelings. But we need to get over our selves. Yes, yes, we are only human. But enough with the moping already. Snap out of it and start focusing our mind to the future. To work on what's within our power to change. To think about, what needs to be done. 

Soon enough we know what to be done. But, right here, is when we realize it takes so much work, and energy, and it would take too long. Then we start to whine,"Isn't there any pratical things? Faster way? Easier way?" 

The answer?

Of course there is! But anything instant is never good or sustainable. This actually is the general rule in most aspects in life. Whether we want to be successful, to be popular, to be respected, to be winners, or even when we are trying to lose weight or live more healthy life. Quick fix, never lead to anything good.

So let's use this time to stop whining, and recharge ourselves. Because, we gotta start working, now.

okay maybe not now, now. Let's settle for Monday!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Nina! I can't believe no one commented in this even after almost a week. It's a nice way if thinking isn't it? No buts. Nowadays people blame our president for everything, but actually everything is manufactured hatred we see on tv and read on newspaper. I'm so glad someone like you runs gogirl which influence a lot of young girl to do their best on their passion. Good luck!

    1. Hi! I don't think people actually read my blog. Hence the zero comments :D

      By the way, we have no blame, no excuse, no drama policy in our company. Hard to apply, but we are trying to make it a culture.

      Would be great if this policy is actually inprinted under bhinneka tunggal ika, wont you say? 😄

  2. Very inspiring!
    After read it I just realized that yes I do too many excuses in my life and that's why I can't focus on my dream.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this!