Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tips and Sharing

Ok, i've been told that i'm weird. Well, i've been told many things, and i am weird, but i just found out that i'm weird about sharing tips.

You see, i always find it odd when 25 year olds (when they are not jack ma, or mark zuckerberg) open a consultancy firm and call themselves consultants. I cringe when people who are only been in a business less than 5 years (with few notable achievements) start giving out tips on managements. Or when someone who's only been married for a few years started giving out marital advices. 

To be honest this is the conversation i have with my self about them.

Bad me : "Who the hell do they think they are?" 

Nice me : "Maybe they just felt like, they've been through a lot, and they'd like to share advices on how to get through those hard times."

Bad me : doing a mental one eyebrow raised.

Nice me : "A lot of things can happen in a short span of time."

Bad me : "Still, they lack the experience to give advices. Because their advices are not proven will work."

Nice me : "But nowadays, who can guarantee what will work? You've been working since college, you still have no idea where the world is going!"

Bad me : "My point exactly. With more than a decade of experience, i still can't figure out a lot of things. I find it arrogant for people to give advices with even less experience. Some are even more lecturing than others. Which make no sense to me."

Nice me : "Well that's the D,C, and S in you talking. Try seeing it from I people perspective."

Bad me : "Ah. I see now."

Nice me : " There you go. Whether they realize it or not, their "advices" are addressed to the other I's"

Bad me : "That explains a lot of things. But what if they are not I people?"

Nice me : "Maybe they are Ds. Only D & I people will do this. With different motivation and purposes."

Bad me : "Or they have both. And pretty high. Which made them blind from the arrogance, the need to tell stories/advices, and doesn't think that their lack of experience will matter."

Nice me : "What is it with you and lack of experience? When you were just starting out, you weren't just lacking of experience, you had ZERO experience."

Bad me : "Yeah, but i don't prance arround calling my self an expert, or giving out advices, or write a book about it. I did that so much later, and i still cringe about advices. I don't give them unless someone ask me for it."

Nice me : "Yeah, but from DI perspective, they just need to tell their story. They don't think long term or whatever. You freaking think too much."

Bad me : "True. Hence the cringing."

Nice me : "Another thing to consider, they might intended their advice for even younger crowds."

Bad me : "Which scares me. They can mislead them. Older crowd will just shrug, younger crowd is different."

Nice me : "They are different, but they are not stupid. They can separate the real deal from the BS."

Bad me : "Not from what i saw yesterday in our class."

Nice me : "Why are you? When did you change into this, weird person with mommy way of thinking?"

Bad me : "Hey, I thought I'm the nasty one here!"

Nice me : "Well, we are the same person anyway."

Bad me : "True. Shit. Great. Now, I'm not aging on the outside, I'm freaking old in my head too."

Nice me : "You don't have to be, if you would just open your mind wider. You've been narrowing it little by little."

Bad me : "I'll keep it open, but, hmm i don't like it."

Nice me : "By the way, this could be the reason why you are delaying your second book."

Bad me : "Well of course! I'm not qualified to write what i want to write. Yet."

Nice me : "When will you be?"

Bad me : "When i get to the next milestone."

Nice me : "When is that?"

Bad me : "Who knows? But maybe after all of our problems passed."

Nice me : mental laugh. "Like that ever happens."

Bad me : "Oh shut up!"

As always, the bad me lost. Unwillingly, Begrudgingly. Unhappily. Bad me is not done arguing, but for now, both the good and bad is tired of it,and really need to get some sleep. 

Expo day 2 is in a few hours away.

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