Saturday, 16 January 2016


You know, if i were to write my second book about my business' journey, it will probably worth to be made into a movie. Everything was so dramatic and the story sounded too much like the plot of a hollywood movie. Well, they would probably have to add a little action scene, but that's about it.

If you have been following my blog, then you will know about the tax problem that crippled me emotionally the entire 2015. But what i did not tell you, there was another matter that was going on from 2014-2015. Yes, the same timeline. I could not talk about it because it was an ongoing case that we tried to pursue legally. Since the case involved so many people, i still can't discuss that elaborately.

In short, somebody ran away with our money. It was a large sum. Well, at least to us. We lawyered up and pursue the matter the right way. Legally. It went on for a year. The people who did this didn't budge. Even though they ran away with so many people's money, not just ours.

In our country, you know you could not do much when you don't have the money and connections to sue people. I did not give up though. I went out, reached out to people who was fooled by them too. I asked them to consider suing together. But, i did not succeed. Largely because the damages that was caused by the embezzler was so big, to the companies that i met, everybody just did not have the money to fund these legal matters. Everybody was just trying to stay afloat, plus, last year the economy was so bad and everybody was under the Dirjen Pajak's scrutiny.

I thought for the entire year, why things were so unfair. Why do people like me got attacked so much, from so many angles? Why the big guys who has lots of money don't? Why do they have to run away with my hard earned money? I have so much less than bankers, entrepreneurs who owns so much, people who works at oil companies, yet i have to experience all this.

A lot of people, told me to let go. For the entire year, i can't. Because, i felt that everything was just so unfair, plus i needed the money to pay taxes. But then, i made my self busy. Thinking about other things, focusing on charity work, and then i just let it go.

Last night, my husband went to see one of his best friends. During this time, as usual, men talk about business, and his best friend told him, that he heard the person who embezzled our money is in jail right now. Apparently, he went away with 2 big boys' money. I say big boys, because they are two of the most successful, richest, and powerful men in our country. The embezzler was said, had ran away with hundreds of Milyar Rupiah of their money. At first, the Big Boys gave the embezzler time to pay, but the embezzler said they have no money. For a while it was quiet, or at least that's what we all thought. But then, the embezzler posted a photo of a Ferrari and that they are now in Los Angeles. That photo made the Big Boys mad. Then somehow they managed to drag the embezzler back to our country and put the embezzler in jail. It is heard that the embezzler's life was made to be more difficult in prison.

See, i told you it sounded like a movie. If it's made into a script, i say, we only need to add a little fast and furious car chasing scene, and a little happy ending for us, then the end.

Time and time again, when people wronged us, we wanted justice, or worse, revenge. I kept forgetting that, the people who wronged me in the past, did had to face some sort of consequence of their actions. Most of the time, these consequences came to them years after they hurt me and came back to them because of their own doing or somebody else was giving them the "lesson" that i wanted to give give them back when i was still feeling the hurt.

I should have known, that's not the way my life works. Lessons, revenge, or consequences are not my rights. Never were, never will. They are God's. They will due, when God say it is. Not when i say it is. I do however have the responsibility to my self, to form the kind of person and life that i wanted. I don't want my life to be just about being angry over the unfairness of the whole thing. I don't want to occupy my focus on how i can give these people lessons that they deserve. It's too draining.

What a start to a new year. I must admit, knowing the embezzler are in prison does gave me closure. Relieved. I don't know if i ever going to see the money, but i believe, whatever happens, God will take good care of us, like always.

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