Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Being Faithful

This journey that we are in, the path is getting darker. I have to say, my head is getting lighter. I barely see but i know right now, i am on a boat. One that I'm not steering. The people in this boat are put here. All of us know nothing about where it's taking us. Some of us have strong conviction that wherever we are going, we are being held and led by the power of light. There are too many times when we fell into the water, but always, always came lifted up and put save in the boat again. Like there's an unseen force that's keeping us save, refusing to let us drown. But the way is dark. Some of us have been negotiating to turn around. Go back another day. You see, these doubtful voices, came from people who are just along for the ride. They didn't believe, they are just tagging along. These voices growing louder now. Instilling fear. Instilling weakness to the mind of the faithful.

Everyone in the boat started to get ill. None stand strong against too much force of despair. What are the faithful to do? In all legends and stories, they push on. Guided by nothing but hope. When hope is frail, they push on, with nothing but faith.

"Oh Lord, where we are now, is too hard to breathe," said the faithful. The doubtful, have long been wailing in the corner, crying like a wounded prey. "We should get out now. Abandon ship. Leave now, at least, we will live!" They say. But the faithful say nothing. In their hearts they worship. "Speak Lord, and all shall be." But as they pray, their body wither.

"Stay my soul, steady." say the faithful. Even so, the voice fail to command authority.

"Let's go back now!" bark the people in the boat. But 2 faithful remain. They say nothing to the people in the boat. They say nothing to the raging storm. They look ahead to the darkness. They stood still, frozen still. Their bodies being raged by storm, by illness, by the burden of their minds. But still they are standing. As if they know for sure. As if they've seen, but they have not.

They are waiting.

They are waiting.

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