Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to break it gently?

Sometimes, i really want to ask my above -22 year old readers, "Have you ever considered you are getting too old to read Gogirl?"

Because, that's the truth. 

It's not that they can't enjoy Gogirl when they are over 22. It's just that, when they start to ask for simpler layout, or less colorful, or asked the font to be simpler or more readable (dude this alone is a sign of aging), or ask that the articles go even deeper, the fashion to be less colorfull and more sophisticated. Then, we can't fullfill this.

Gogirl is staying young. Forever 15-20. While our readers are getting older, growing, moving forward. So the older ones say, "Why Gogirl isn't as good as it used to?" (Back when they were a little bit younger)

People, specially girls, are most easily offended, or shall we say, most in denial, when it comes to age or aging. But, alas! The media is for 15-20 year old girls. 22 Tops.

People don't realize what few years can bring to preferences. Example, were we the same person when we were in junior high and in senior high? They were only 3 years apart, but how much did we change in that few years alone?

It's not that we can't handle to be criticized, but we are befuddled when non-target market are asking for things and we can't fullfil them. How do we say, "It's not that we are not interesting anymore, it's just that we don't interest you anymore." 

Everything we wrote, we have to rewrite. Because every few years we have to push the reset button. The articles needs to be rewritten for the ones who just turned 15. Who just started reading Gogirl. The older readers then would feel, "but i knew that, seen that already. How come nothing is new?". While actually, everything is new for the new generation. The design is current. The font is trending, the color palette are the colors of the season. Everything was planned and put together carefully. 

So, can you read Gogirl or after you are 22? Yes. But, if you start to feel that things are just too loud, unreadable, too much of anything, nothing felt new, or you want the articles to go deeper, and if you crave simpler and refine things, then, i hate to break it to you, "I think, you are getting too old to read Gogirl, sister."


  1. I am 26 yo and still reading it haha

  2. I am 26 yo and still reading it haha

  3. Nooooo.. Hahaa.. I'm 25 and my mom still bring Gogirl home every month for me and my 26 yo sister. Sometimes I feel like it's getting very young and the fashion is kind of too playful but then again I realize it's not the magazine, it's me. Hahaha. I still like to read the article because sometimes I just need a reminder of happiness. I really worship gogirl when I was in junior & high school, so reading another new issue just make me feel happy again.

  4. This happened to me and my close friends, when we were around 21-22 we started to think that the topic doesn't suit us anymore. It is still great, but its irrelevant to us because we grow up and we have different issues compared to 15-20 y.o girls. However, Go girl! will always have a special spot in our heart though, we owned it to you guys :)