Thursday, 12 March 2015


11 March, it seems is always destined to be historic. 

Soon as i entered the office, work was waiting. Anita and i had to brief a newbie on her first day. It didn't take long but we had other things on our schedule and was running late. 

At 11.00 We had our business coaching with Action Coach South Jakarta. It was a gruelling session. We were asked what potential problem that we might be facing in the next 2 weeks. Sometimes in these sessions we got into heated debates. Because our coach normally ask questions and we cant avoid them. So some frustrations that was probably unspoken, surfaced in those sessions. Last session was like that. We are going through a massive change in our company, and the change has a deadline. March 27th. As it draws near, our tension rise. I mean in the past 2 weeks alone, i have had at least 1 person everyday, coming to my office wanting to resign. Including Anita & Larry. So yes, it is that frustrating. 

But i'm a veteran in this field. Leading change, dealing with stressed people, crying people, mad out of their skull people.

So, by far, i can handle it. But, at coaching session, well, that's another story. 

I was still trying to get my head straight when the session was over. Gotta run to St.John Meruya. Andrew's admission test is at 14.30 and we had arrange a rendezvous with him at Mega Kebon Jeruk. Hunger took us over, so we made a quick stop at Subscribe. Ate in a flash and off. 

Andrew was suspiciously warm. I have a feeling he's coming down with throat infection but he seems to not fret at all. I thought, i could be just paranoid. 

Anyway, he was taken to the library to do his test, while my husband and i was interviewed in another room. I was pleasantly surprised. They were thorough. They ask what kind of child is Andrew? Does he respond to flattery or encouragement? Does he have any learning difficulties? Is he in therapy? Is he on any treatment or medication? What kind of things he's interested in? Is he more verbal or quiet? Is he inherently shy? Does he ever had any trouble making friends? I like that they took the time to get to know the kid and ask what's normally work for him.

Ah, time flies, and we must proceed to St. Mikael Church. We have to attend the mass in preparation of Freija's baptizm. We were hungry, tired, and sleepy. But this is compulsory. So we braced ourselves to "jet off" to the next Galaxy, known as Bekasi. 

We were late. And instead of running toward the church, i took another minute to.. umm take some pictures ;p 

Anyhow, we were fortunate that the procession did not take very long. But we have to hurry along to BSD. It was 18.10 and Githa is going to have a c-section at 21.00

You guessed it, we didn't reach the hospital on time. Githa was just pulled into the OR when we got there. 

While we were waiting. I thought about my entire day. BSD-Kantor-Belleza-Meruya-Bekasi-BSD. So tired. 

2 Hours later, the prince arrive. My newborn nephew Nioka Sadali Elmesa cried loud and clear. I can't ask for a more beautiful end of the day. I cried a little, seeing my baby sister, turned into a mother.

Thank You God. For this beautiful day.


  1. Kak aku boleh tanya ga? Kenapa bnyk yg minta resign dari kantor yg bnyk org ingin masuk ke dalamnya. kalau boleh tau memang perubahan seperti apa yg membuat karyawan gogirl! Memilih jalan resign? Aku baca kalau mereka ada yg sampai menangis. Itu berarti merupakan pilihan yg sulit bagi mereka.

    Terima kasih ya kak.

    1. Orang resign alasannya banyak. Tapi dalam kasus kita di atas, sebabnya kita semua lagi harus belajar skill2 baru, kebiasaan2 baru, kerja bareng anak2 baru, buat sistem2 baru, dan semua harus dijalanin dalam waktu yg singkat. Nah makin deket ke tgl deadline, makin stress lah orang. Overwhelmed banget & rasanya kaya udah usaha maksimal tapi ga bisa nemu jalan keluar. Itu yg bikin org sering nangis, saking sedih & jengkel. Tapi aku udah biasa banget mimpin perubahan. Di setiap fase perubahan selalu kaya gini. Biasanya butuh waktu 4-6 bulan sampe perubahan ini bisa diterima & berjalan baik. Nah selama masa 4-6 bulan ini biasanya banyak banget yg setress pengen resign. Termasuk para foundernya juga lho.

  2. Woow bahkan sampe founder juga? aku kira foundernya yg membuat perubahan itu. Btw waktu itu kak Nina pernah tanya kalau buat buku kira2 ttg apa? dengan ada ky gini aku jadi mau usulin bukunya ttg perubahan2 yg udah pernah dilaluin kak nina maupun gogirl! Karena seperti Kebanyakan orang bilang katanya perubahan pasti banyak mengalami penolakan atau bahkan menjadi sendirian? Boleh tuh kak kasih tips tips menjadi pemimpin perubahan Hehe

    Sukses ya kak dan tetap ramah menjawab pertanyaan2 :) nambah ilmu bgt. Thank youu