Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A Great Day

I have taken control of my time and lately i witnessed the benefit of it. Take yesterday for instance. I had a full and very productive day. 

In the morning i did my pilates. I love my new trainer Joyce. She's hard on me but she's not pushy. She made me do pull up in every session, and everytime i can't do it. But she made me try. Well she made me put one foot on a trapeze and try to change the foot with the other while my hand colding on to a paralel bar above my head. It looks so easy when she does it, but i can't even move my legs to get in position, let alone change them. Although i was hopeles, she still made me try, everytime. And yesterday i did it! Only for a split second, but i did it! I was so overwhelmed with joy throughout the whole day because of it! It's just such a high to see my self beat my doubt. I experience my self beating my self. I experience that my mind is a wuss, and i AM stronger and more capable than i know. It's such a great feeling, an empowering feeling, that i wish a lot of people can feel and experience this.

After my pilates i had a meeting with my team leader, it was a good talk, and after that talk i ran towards my next meeting with my business coach. It was also a great meeting. We covered a lot of topic and it helped me made several dificult decisions. 

After that i ran to Kemang to tape 2 videos with Diana Rikasari. It was crazy fun, and i'm really bad at it, but totally loved it. 

After the taping, i had to rush to my next meeting at KOI, and there we covered a lot of stuff too. I love this kind of meeting, you know. We get to talk about difficult topic, uncomfortable truth, and some sharing of information that i need to discuss further with my sisters. 

Went home at about 8-ish, and i said to my husband, "I'm very happy today." And when i reached home, i had no trouble sleeping at all. I don't need the tv to be on, i don't anything to unwind. I fell asleep fast, had a dreamless sleep, straight untill morning.  

What a beautiful day. Thank You, God.


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