Thursday, 3 March 2016

Melbourne awakening

Yes, i'm writing this in Melbourne, at the airport, sipping my overly bitter cappucino. My husband and i were here to attend Business Excellence Forum 2016. This is the forum that i always look forward to go every year. What we do in this forum is basically learn. Everybody who attended were business owners and we talk to each other about our businesses. At night there was a gala where the businesses competed with each other and winners were selected. My friend Fadly from ZAP won 2 awards and we were glad to be there to cheer for the Indonesian team. I met new friends from 20 fit, and this is the first BEF so far that i'm confident enough to try to talk with people that i don't know.

The cool part and different side of BEF in MLB is that, the award winners hosted round tables. So not only we get to learn from conference speakers, we get to learn from the award winners.

I spoked with 4 award winners, asked them questions, and believe it or not they are not more than 25 year old millenials. My husband told me to go and meet the winner or Young Entrepreneurs of The Year. He was very impressed with the guy and told me to sit at his round table. His name is George. He's 25, and he owns so many pubs in and out of the city. Everyone at the table looked at him with jealousy. I guess maybe because he's so young and he really started from washing dishes to building his own company that revenued 20 mio dollars last year. I, on the other hand, did not mind his age nor did i feel intimidated by his success. I asked a lot of questions and his answers made me feel like i want to kick my self on the shin, for being so lazy all these years. I learned a lot and i loved that.

I met other entrepreneurs and i became jealous. But a good jealous, you know? The kind that made you feel happy, fired up, and ready to take on insane challenges ahead. I feel inspired and super charged. Agitated and ready. I can say that i had an awakening. I want what they have, and i willing and ready to do what it takes. 

One speaker told us, to be rich and succesful is not a matter of luck or even simply hardwork for most of us, and really that's not the way we become one either. Being rich is a decision. 

A decision. 

How true is that? We become what we want to, when we decide to. Everything started with a decision. How bad do we want this? Now i realized, that i want this baaaad! Real bad, right through and inside my core. 

Aside from that, while we were here, we were given an insane offer. Insane as in out of this world crazy. Freaking scary good opportunities. Something that we really need to think about and decide. I know from experience that you don't really get this kind of chances. We could fail, but we could also... Fly! 

Save to say my husband and i lay awake these past few days. We were high on inspirations. Our minds can't shut down and thoughts seemed to run amok in the speed of bullet trains. 

We need to get home, and start. But we know, it's as important to shut down first. Restructure, rest, resfresh. And we are going to do that now. Flying to sydney for a day, before flying back home to everything we look so forward to. 

Boarding now. See ya in my next post!