Monday, 30 May 2016

Am I intimidating?

I have been fully booked by meetings lately, i rarely have time for anything else. I have also been interviewing several people this past 2 weeks to be my assistant. To my surprise 3 candidates that i accepted decided to resign. What the hell is going on? 

My HR manager told me, they seemed scared when they find out they'll be working for me. That's just weird. I met them like a few minutes, 2 i hired on the spot after meeting them for about 90 seconds. 

I'm just really busy, and i know when i see someone with or without potential. So when i feel like i can work with someone, i don't waste time. The reason for their resignation were these : they are not sure they can do the job (what?), they were affraid that they'll disappoint me (come again?), others were just unsure of themselves.

I can list a bunch of questions that i have about the whole situation, but ah, why bother? 

In the old days, i have time to talk about shit like that. I just don't anymore. I mean, i used to want to convince people to come and work with us, I'd encourage them and all, but jeez, i'm not their moms. I don't have the time to baby them, and i sure don't want my company to be a place they want to learn. I want my company to be a destination, not a stepping stone. Granted, our company is not as big as others, but we are growing. That means, we are constantly changing, and i need people who can hit the ground running. I need super stars, not babies.

That seems harsh, but that's the truth. Everyone is working quintuple job decs at the same time right now. Because, what the market need is people with hybrid skill. So the old job desc does not apply anymore. We all have to have multiple skill, do multiple work and multiple responsibilities. 

It is rather a confusing time and we need to be flexible about our own concept of work and responsibilities. We need to rethink our roles. Nowadays i go back to presenting and selling again. I haven't done that in years. In the afternoons after meetings, some of us will sit on the floor of our manager's room. Just brainstorms stuff, making plans for the next day. Do i care that i'm their group CEO? No. I care about getting the job done. Naturally, it's really not surprising if i can't tolerate nonsense like insecurity. I especially hate when somebody ask, "Do i have to do this all by myself?" The last time somebody ask that in a meeting, you can bet the room went silent and you can hear a needle drop. I don't like a whiner, specially one that acted like a spoiled kid when assigned with a responsibility. 

Yeah i'm tough, but I appreciate hard work because i also work hard. I like independent people, and I especially love people who are result oriented. These kind of people don't have time to question themselves, they are curious, and they always try to find solutions plus it's alternatives.

I always say to my HR manager, "incompetent people find excuses, great people always find a way." 

So i guess, i'm still on the look out for that great person who is also culturally fit our company. Pretty sure we'll find them soon. 


  1. Hehehe the challenges in recruitment nowadays. Ngobrol yuk, i may not be able to help, but two heads are better than one. My name rings a bell? :)

    1. It's been too long old friend! Still remember the days we hung out at andrea's. Let's catch up! My email is drop me an email and wa number. I'll give you mine.

  2. spot on! I always heard the terms "its hard to find jobs these days.." but when I try to interview people.. most of them refuse because of many reasons. I guess its not had to find a job.. its just that they want to do easy job with super high payment but little responsibility. I hope you found your assistant as soon as possible, Nina :)

    1. Oh my, high paying & easy job is probably as rare as unicorn these days. Oh well, if i cant find an assistant, i'll just download more productivity app :D

  3. We need more people like you, really.