Tuesday, 3 May 2016

I Believe In The Dream God Put In Me

The world is a funny place. Specially for dreamers like me. Since i was a little girl i always believe that I'm destined for something big. But the world disagrees. What i see in the mirror isn't what the world see in me. 

I see so much doubt in people. They doubt everything. They don't know who they are, they doubt their potential, discouraged, unhappy. A lot of people choose to live like this. Like they are not important. 

I'm like that too when i'm stricken with pain and desperations. But i haven't lost sight of that star that has been leading me above my path. There are days when it does not shine, and these days seem most dark. But i'm always hopeful. I look up with certainty that someday i will see that star again.

We all have a calling. When we are not living up to it, we become lifeless shell. Going through life without meaning, purpose, and growth. 

This is when vanity sets in. I just don't get how critical people can be about others. Specially the way people look or about life choices. I would see a pretty picture in instagram, and the comments would be full of criticism. Some of them did not even have merits. It was as if the writers of those critic were just there to be loud, trying to look wise and deep, and critical. But what came across, to me, were just nonsense, shalowness, and painful words. Very unnecessary. 

I think, maybe, people never meant to do that to us. When people laugh at our ideas, criticized our appearances, belittle us, it only reflects their own fear and limitations. They discourage us because in their mind, they can't do it, so there's no reason why we can.

We have great ideas right now in our company, but few believe it. A lot of people in the industry are talking and laughing about it. Nobody believe in our vision. I think this hurt my crew more than it hurt me. I have seen this before. I've experienced it. I have told you about it in my first book No One to Someone. Yet, this is the first time my crew experiencing it. People always gossip about us but in recent years, no one dared to laugh at us. Now they do. This hurts. 

I try to remind my crew, whenever someone dare to try something new, this always happens. It is almost text book about how people react to new vision. First they laugh, then they mock, then they make fun, and when we prove them wrong they will become quiet, then start praising, then saying to everyone how they've known all along that our idea will be successful. Then we come up with another new idea and the cycle begin again. So predictable that it becomes boring to me. 

People who don't believe in us very often are people who mean the most to us. Could be our parents, our closest friends, our work partners, our better halves. This is when the burden become world shattering and dream killing to most of us dreamers. 

I have a friend that hurt me for her lack of trust in my vision. I never say anything to her, but her doubt still hurts sometimes. I know now that i can't be mad at her or my self. Depending on human being is a futile effort, so, when no one believe in me, i put my hopes and dreams in my prayers. I close my eyes and visualize when it come to pass. I believe it so much that, it become irrelevant what others believe. 

So dream away. Plant your dream in prayers, put your faith in God, work in silence, and let the result make the thunder.  


Thunder thunder thunderation, 
We are tarq generation
When we fight with determination 
We create a sensation

T A R A K A N I T A  
T A R A K A N I T A 


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