Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I Google Myself. Often. Do you?

Aaight, i admit it, i did it, and most def will do it again.

Honestly i think, what i'm doing is so vain, but i can't stop my self. It's like reading testimonials about yourself, you read and re-read it many times over. Or, maybe that's just me?

Anyway, from articles and people's book review i get so many previews of the ways people see my sisters and me. People call us The Moran Sisters, and we always jerked a little bit whenever we hear that. Not that we don't like it. It's just a little weird, it made me feel like a star that was given a nickname by the public. You know, like J-lo, olsen twins, etc. I feel like i don't deserve the fame, somehow. I don't know.

I know now that people see us as hard worker, and a lot admire us for that. We are very honored off course, but a lot of times, what we did to achieve success were really just survival instinct. Our dad gave us all of his saving to support us, and if we messed up, Githa (was only 17 when we started) won't be able to go to college. We can't let that happened.

The Moran family, had gained a little bit of fame since our uncle and aunty gained their success in the business world and frequently grazed the pages of respectables magazines. My uncle and aunty have 4 sons, and 2 of them : my cousins Robin Moran directed a movie, and his brother Mickey Moran became a famous DJ (they are great business people too). So, when we first started, my sisters and i had to grew out of very big shadows of great, talented and successful people. Wherever we go, people think we must have come from a successful and wealthy family like they did. Well, if you read my book, you'd know that that's not true. We weren't poor, but we were not wealthy either. Way back then, when people hear Moran, they remember my uncle and aunty and their sons. I'm proud of them, they also started from nothing and they worked extremely hard to get their success, but even prouder now that when i google our family name or my name,  the search also shows our story. I'm happy to be able to make a name for my self. Does that make sense?

Btw, do you google yourself?

On the side note:
Since i started the business until now, i feel like i have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. So, i'm going to set up a video segment in GogirlmagzTv (that's Gogirl's Youtube channel), where people can just ask me anything. So, i'm going to start pulling in questions. If you have any, please list them here.   I will answer them in the video, or if you prefer i can answer them here too.


  1. yess, I google my name maybe like once a week. Hahaha.

    Yeah.... Robin also running his business seriously even he came from very weathly family. We are in the same circle.

    I also got a bit spotlight from my uncle to work in film industry. But at the end, people will judge you based on what you already achieve

  2. I google myself too once in a while. Buat reflect aja sama apa2 yg udah aku omongin sendiri di dunia maya. Hehe.

    Well, Mbak Nina, I think all of you really deserve the spotlight. Sebagai pembaca setia Gogirl aku sih gak ngeliatnya dr segi bisnis tp dari segi kalian sebagai kreator konten majalah yg fresh, eye-opening dan fun untuk dibaca :)

  3. I googled myself too. not that often.. most of the result are my social media or blog..haven't done anything major to be reviewed on some articles, huhu.. I want to ask you questions but I haven't got a chance to buy and read your book and afraird that the answer is probably in your writings hehe.