Saturday, 7 March 2015

Halfway there

think success is weird. When you first got your big break, your people will first congratulate you, be genuinely happy for you. But then, you escalate even more, then you start to see them disappear. People you don't know start to name drop your name. People you never met claim to know you. Sometimes, i would see an old friend that was one of my big supporter in the beginning, but now become quite bitter with my success. i wonder. I wonder. My success is really nothing compare to a lot of other's and i wonder. What it's like for them? Sometimes, this simple things made me feel like i don't want to be more than i am right now. But, i know too much, that God wanted me to create more than this, to be more, to give more, to serve more. 

I am generally a brave person. But time and time again, i have to admit, that many times i don't take on more opportunities because i know i'm going to do so well with it, and it will make me more successful and wealthy someday. I am afraid that people will isolate me. I am afraid to find out, wether it really is lonely at the top. 

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