Friday, 21 August 2015

Girl Who Code

I'm not talking about the program. I'm talking about me :)

This is my 2015 Dreamboard 

Yeah, i wanted to take webmaster class, so i have been taking the class somewhat regularly now.

In my class there are all kinds of people. In the morning the ones who comes are female, mostly mommies like me. A little later normally comes the students, in the afternoon till late normally come the guys. 

Around 7pm, the ones who had been sitting since opening time will be burned out and started to abandon their codes and chat with others. They mostly leave me alone and sit around each other on the other end of the class. They would begin discussing what they are working on and ask feedbacks and stuff. But when they got bored they talk about girls.     

Their discussions were so funny. I guess I forgot what it's like to be single. I forgot that single people likes to talk about the opposite sex and make all kinds of assumptions. Haha their discussions brought me 17-23 years back. I vaguely remember the time i would sit with my girlfriends discussing "Do you think he likes me?" "Do you think he's call?" "Should i call first?" "...... What do you think that means?". These guys in my class had more or less the same kind of discussion. They ask each other, "Why did you not ask her out?" "Do you think she like me?" "Should i call her? What should i say when i call her?" "What does she look like?" "Good women are so rare, they all after our money." "My gebetan is so hot, she look like Scarlett Johansen." Here i had to laugh and pretended there were something funny in my phone). 

What's funny? Well, I remember when, as a single girl, i used to worry about these too. Now i know, guys are just as nervous when it comes to dating. When they like you, they just do. No matter what you do, they are already smitten by you, heck in his mind, you are as hot as Scarlett Johansen. I wish i knew that when i was young and single. It would set me free. I'd not worry that being the smart, strong independent girl that i am would put off the guys. I came to know that a bit late. I only knew that in college. But i imagine, if only i knew that even back in junior high, i would probably have a different teen life.

Anyhow, their discussions and jokes often grew to theories and funny assumptions about girls that's so waaaaay off! I really had to conceal my giggles. 

One of their joke is so dry, that i had to feel a little sorry for them too. 

One of the guys told the other, (i have to use bahasa here, otherwise it wont make sense. "Ya lagian lo ngomong bahasa kode (ngode dlm bhs program), gimana dia ga php (sistem pemrograman) in lo" terus ngakak kenceng! - (dlm hati : becandanya lokal banget guys đŸ˜…) 

Yang lain nimpalin, "emang lo ngeline apa?" Si mas yg ditanya bilang (dengan nada frustrasi) "gue bilang, lo ; nya gue. Trus dia ga ngerti. Ya gimana ya, gue juga susah jelasinnya." (Disini aku harus batuk-batuk nahan ngakak)

Ya iyalah cewenya ga ngerti. Kan bukan programmer mas.

But for my blog reader, i can tell you, the guys was actually being pretty sweet. In code basically means, your program wont function without ; 
So basically he was saying, " you complete me, or i can't function without you."

So sweet right? Too bad the girl of his dream doesn't get it. Wkwkwkwk!

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