Friday, 21 August 2015

The Tumble,Bend Over Backwards, and Everything in Between

I think this is the perfect time to show that entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. Doesn't matter what kind of business you choose, if you own it, then, you are an entrepreneur. 

This is the start up era. Just about every seminars talk about this type of business. Everyone are emphasizing how much money you could score by selling your start up. It's new and it's sexy. But people are forgetting, that start ups are businesses too. And the owners behind it does not always have figured things out. 

The way you should run a business, is always the same, in principle. Including this new type of business. Unfortunately the start up owners are not always equiped with minimum management skills. So, it does not surprise me that the most successful start up owners, for instance Sophia Amaruso of Nasty Gal, had to let go of her CEO chair and gave it to someone else. 

The only thing that start up does not need is huge capital. And most people think start up is doable by everyone just because it's cheap. While, it's exciting, i need to warn my compadres out there, to not make the same mistakes that i did. Remember the business side of your business. All the non-creative side of it needs to be dealt with, creatively. All the boring side of it, like getting to know the HR law, Tax law, Finance, Accounting, etc. 

I'm not trying to scare away people who wants to be an entrepreneur. It's just how it is. I know that most people wont even listen to me. Hahaha, i know how old i sounded. But it's okay. Nobody told me about this when i was just starting out. They all just said that things were impossible for me to achieve. I'm not doing that. I've just walked several yards ahead, so i'm here simply to shout out, "watch out, there's a big gaping hole, bring whatever you need to deal with it when you get there." I'm not even here to dictate you how to deal with it.

The reason for this post is simple. Start ups or not, businesses are messy and we need to equip ourselves. Don't be a cliché and repeat the most common mistake that entreps do. Make your own mistakes. That way, someday, you can contribute giving our community new ways to survive the madness.

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