Thursday, 3 December 2015

God is Good

I feel that i owe an update about our tax challenge.

A few days ago, or was it last week when i shared i have very little money? How patience and humor changed my week. I did not worry at all this week, even though our deadline (December 15th) to pay for everything is growing nearer. 

Last Thursday, i decided to try and meet Kakanwil Jakarta Selatan to present our case. We don't know what will come out of it, but i thought it was worth the effort. Since i don't know anyone who worked in Tax Office, i just went in and asked to meet the secretary. I just told people, i want to make an appoinment. I was asked a lot, "For what purpose?" And when i gave the short version of my intention, people seemed uncertain. So i had to repeat our case to several people, the long version one, then they started to relax. I had to see about 4 people until i was directed to meet a department that's responsible to asses cases like ours. 

Anyway, when we met the appointed person, i retold the story and showed him all the papers and documentations of our case. He said, "Well, this is in the hands of Kepala Kantor."  So he suggested i try my hardest to meet him. He did emphasized, "Please try, mba. I don't know whether he'll meet you, but try. Because it's his authority, not ours."

So after, my husband and i went straight to our KPP and then the drill started over. I asked to meet the Secretary of Kepala Kantor KPP. That is prety unusual, so they asked again, for what purpose. But i believe, God helped us that day. After waiting for a mere 10-15 minutes, they allowed me to meet the secretary. When i met the secretary, she asked again, for what purpose. This time after telling her the edited version of the story, i begged her to give me a chance to set an appoinment. To my surprise, she asked, "When will you be available? i will try to match it with Bapak's schedule."

After about a few seconds of shock, i said,"Whenever he can see me." Then she told me to wait. 

A few minutes later she said, "Bapak has a little bit of work now, but if Ibu willing to wait, he will see you." I was again surprised, and then i said that he can take his time. I will wait.

I waited. Not long. While we waited we were joined by the head of collection. It seemed, Bapak kepala kantor wanted him in the meeting too. So about 15 minutes later we were welcomed into his office. 

He was formal and polite. I introduced my self and told him about our case. He mainly listen. He got up to his computer and checked our account. He said, "It looks ok. Your payment and reports do not look like something to worry about."
I said, "Yes sir, as you can see, we are not the kind of company that deliberately make problems or excuses. But it's the amount that we have to pay is pretty unfair, and the deadline is too near."

He did not say anything for a while. Then he checked our payment track record. Then he said, "I suggest you pay the remaining initial tax that you owe. The fine can be discussed later." 

I asked, "Later? But we were given a deadline, December 15th."

He said,"Because ibu, if you don't pay the remaining tax, you will be billed for pmk29. That is 2% per month. Which means, if you owe us since 2009, then it's 6 years x 12 months x 2% x the remaining balance that you still owe. That's more than 100% extra that you have to pay, on top of what you still owe. But if you pay at least all the initial tax, pmk29 will not be billed. It's this year's sunset policy."

I said, "But sir, i thought the interest of late payments maximum 48%"

He answered,"No, that's fine of late payment. You will still be billed the interest, and there's no maximum rate for that. The longer you pay, the bigger the interest."

I was silent. Trying my best not to cry. I succeded. But my face must have shown some desperation. So he said, "The best that i can do, is to give you more time. But not more than another 12 months."

I looked up. That's better than nothing. So i said, "Thank you, sir."

He added,"If you can, fine a loan, from wherever. Because loan interest will always be lower than tax fine and interests."

I said, "Yes sir. Thank you Sir."

He then said to the collection section head, "Call their Waskom and AR, get them aquinted, and let them know about the extra time."

I said thank you and we were led out of the room and was introduced to 2 people that was assigned to handle our company's tax collection. We talked for almost 2 hours. 

On the way back, i was relieved and felt very grateful. Because, I knew that God had just helped us. I'm sure usually it's not that easy to meet Kepala Kantor. Also, the amount of money that he told us to pay is really, almost exactly how much we were given by the bank. That can't be a coincidence. The extra time is also a blessing, because it's managable.

So, how can i not say, God is Good. The loan money was wired this morning, so i went to the bank, and immediately paid all our initial tax that we owe the government. So, like all stories we've heard before, everything turned out allright in the end. 

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You God!

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  1. Wow! I did follow your tax - stories. Can imagine your worries before. Keep strong, do ur best, and put trust in God. Happy to know there is another alternate ending for this story!