Tuesday, 15 December 2015

In These Grey Days

Everyone i know are fighting all kinds of battles right now. So i guess, our lives are pretty intense these days. It makes us on edge almost every day, and look to our most trusted way to cheer us up. But then those things failed us. Because who ever made those things, whether it is music, magazine, movies, spa, etc, are fighting battles we know nothing about. Their work became bland and uninspired, just as our lives has been lately. 

I saw that everyone is trying to lash out and get angry. But most held their tongue and frustrations, because we understand. As much criticism that we've gotten from people, we are actually getting a lot less than the actual frustrations out there. Because most people understand.

Is just that, we are all getting tired of this condition, are we not?

We keep waiting, silently praying, anxiously hoping, that everything we are going through will come to pass. Soon.

We want to say goodbye to these tiresome, depressing phase. We are waiting, for better days. 

But. Things are not changing, and though there are so many things that are beyond our control, but some part of it, because we are not changing enough. We can't find the fire, the energy, to do more.

Are we waiting to die? 

To be joyful, inspired, encouraged, to be the crazy ass people we once were, takes discipline. Takes so much faith. 

In our younger days, crazy ideas, energy, and bravery to face all manner of confrontations sort of comes almost effortlessly. I mean we were scared shit of course, but the flame was bigger than the shit. So we trudged on, marched into all kinds of war, even with less armor than we have right now. 

Good 'ol days!

I know, our lives change when we decide. Today our problems might not go away, but i need to think of it in this way : that i will deal with the portion that can be done today. That means, there's still a long way to go. That's just, demotivating to say the least. But i should try to make peace with it.

I know, that this christmas is not as merry because we really run out of money, or maybe, we can't be with our family. But, happiness can still be created in these grey days. Our day really depend on how we make it. Whether it will be merry or not, completely up to us, no matter what our circumstances are. 

It is hard. But if we could be less self centered, if we direct our thoughts to making other people happy, we could be happy too. Maybe we can think about other people's lives. People who have less hope than we do. The refugees, people whose babies and love ones bombed and shattered in front of their eyes, people who have no home, no love, no clothes, not even dream about getting fresh water today. Children who look at our children with envy because they have so much love from us. Or adults that look at us with envy because we can shower with hot water. Men who look at us enviously because we can provide beds for our loved ones. Women who look at us with envy because we are free to choose what we wear and what we want to pursue in life.

We take so much for granted. Let's direct our thoughts and love toward people outside our little lives.

There are so much to be thankful for, so many reasons to be merry. 

Recharge with love and prayer. 

Inspirations will come, energy inflamed within us, and the path will then, be seen again, right ahead of us all.

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