Monday, 28 December 2015

To stay, let go, or move forward

Sometimes at the end of year we reflect on what have done that year. When we have not achieve anything significant, we try to find quotes that basically says, don't look for money, spouse, bla bla bla. Just live in your own pace. 

I agree with the slow down notion. But sometimes i think, we use that warning as an excuse. To not go forward, to push ourselves, to make decisions. We cower behind the slow down movement, and we tell ourselves that we are not ready, it's not the right time, etc.

Of course, it's one of the biggest question in life, "HOW do we know whether to keep going or to let go? To stay still or move forward?" Nobody can give us that answer, and even our hearts cheat us by giving the answer we need to hear, not what we should be doing.

To be successful, rich, and to have it all. These dreams, often seen as vanity or shallowness. In church however, i have heard many times, that it's okay to want and pursue those things, as long as we want and use them for right reasons. 

Doesn't it scares us? When money is not the root of all evil, then the roots are our intentions with them.

There's such a things as doing things too fast, like getting into commitments when we are not ready or well-equipped. The trick is to know what our intentions are. Mind you, our hearts and logic can play tricks on us. They can supply us with what is expected of us, and then give us a little dose of guilt trip too. 

But i think, we should all pursue our dreams. Make money, buy that stupid watch, those shoes, build your empire, invest, travel, do whatever our hearts desire. We should, make our own timeline but not base them on everybody else's. 

3 things that i've been saying a lot these past 3 years could probably help you too. 

No Blame, No Excuse, No Drama. 

This surprisingly edit not only the bullshits, but also edit people from my life too. I stay away from people who likes to find blame, make excuses and lots of drama kings and queens. 

Quiet recently i met people who are go getters, solution and result oriented. There' s no room from blame or excuses around them and so i've learn more about opportunities from them.  I learn when to stay, learn, dig deeper or when to chase down that opportunities yourself. 

So i guess, in this end of year. Rather than feeling sorry or try finding all kinds of excuses to validate our lack of bravery, how about we promise ourselves, whatever happens, no blame, no excuse, no freakin drama anymore. Then we'll know for sure, when to stay still, let go, or move forward.

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