Wednesday, 31 August 2016

i can't remember the last time i don't think about tomorrow
the last time i don't have anything to do and lay low
the luxury of time that travels slow

i can't remember the time when love is a dream
because everything is never how it seems
i've seen friends lose themselves in pretend
like their search of meaning knows no end
other times i see how lonely we are
or angry because of deeds that's gone too far

they say never settle for less
because we deserve the best
but, so deep is the fall
from reality to the dream of having it all
no one has it all
but that does mean sad at all

we are under the illusion that we have control
but many times i feel like i'm playing a game with no console

i have a conviction
though many times they feel like fiction
like i'm lying to my self
like i'm selling a perfection

i was told by a friend,
"nina you are a legend"
maybe is should believe her
so that i can become her

i'm out of balance
but i'm not forsaken
my fire is dim within the absence
somewhat forgotten

i'm disoriented yet i am strong
i'm trying to recenter, reclaim where i belong
i'm not a tag-along
i'm a lioness, a queen all along
i just have to remember that before too long

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