Saturday, 3 September 2016

Motivational Accounts

Have you ever seen these instagram accounts that basically give you motivational quotes? I saw some that targeted to entrepreneurs or career driven people. You know how i feel about them? Most of the time i would be inspired but sometimes, they make me feel so mad!

You know why? because almost all these instagram account are owned by men. Single or married, have kids or not, doesn't matter. They are mostly owned by men. Which means, sometimes they tell you to do things that's just make you want to bang their heads with a frying pan. 

Why? Because even with my kind of personality, it is way harder for us women to do what they tell us to do! I'm mostly mad at married men that told us to hustle! F****** C***! 

Look, men can be engaging, loving, and modern and stuff, but we women still do a whole lot more than they are. Especially if we have kids. You want proof? How about we compare our mondays to begin with?

On Mondays, what do you do?

Husbands : do whatever morning routine that they want.

Wives: do our morning routines with sound effects produce by your kids. Example: "Mooom, i can't find my sooocks." "Moooom, bella don't want to share food." continued with high pitched squeal by bella and soon follow the fighting and the crying. 

What do the husband do? 
say, "stop fighting guys." while still not looking up from whatever they are doing.

Wives? more or less like this : Dashed to grab bella, hold her in our arms, bring her along to andrew's socks pile upstairs. You see, it's not that andrew can't find the socks, and it's just that, that particular day, he wanted to wear the other ones. Found the other socks, gave them to andrew, while continously soothing bella. Then came back downstairs to noelle, giving her the bread that she wanted her sister to share, and then make bella apologize and then urge them to play together again. 
Just when you succeed, your husband look at you with a slightly annoyed look on his face, "Ma, you haven't taken a bath yet? we are going to be late for work." 

Any of this sounds familiar ladies? This is when i want to give my middle finger to all men that advices us to hustle. Shut the F up! we are doing much more than you, and doing a f-ing good job at it too. Granted, we are not doing it with 100% sanity, but crazy is the new sexy, right? No? oh well, moving on!

How about the fact that, i have never seen husbands set up family weekly menu and match the budget with the nutrition plus preference of everyone in the house. Ladies, if you have a man that does this, never divorce him! 

I'm thrilled that nowadays i see 30% of dads coming to parent-teacher meetings. I swear, every time i see dads come to these events, especially if they come alone because their wives have to do other things, i always wanted to set a Facebook fan page for them. These guys are rockstars! Most of the time though we, moms, are the ones that need to be in mommies WhatsApp group and stress about the fact that the school wanted my son to bring Hibiscus Flower tomorrow, and that's a last minute thing. I have never seen, fathers get so frantic about finding last minute flannel material for tomorrow's art project, this time, it's not a last minute, but it's something you completely forgot. I have also never seen dads put in a corner by teachers because their kid hated the lunch that he prepared 2 days in a row. You see where i'm going with this?

Yes, we women have no excuse not to advance in our career. But, that does not mean you (supposedly enlighten-men, motivational instagram, sexist pigs, and bots) can tell us that we are not committed if we don't get up at 4 or 5 am to give ourselves the best hour of our lives, when we only get to sleep at 12 or 1 a.m after making worksheets for our kids. 

You know what, i think we need new motivational videos and instagram for women. Made by women too. I know there are many outhere, but maybe we need more. Much more! The words can whip our asses to move forward, be ambitious and such, but also emphatic and solution oriented. Unforgiving yet heartwarming. Yeah i'm gonna do that. Let me just think of a good name for the account. 

Any suggestions? I'm all ears.

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