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Btw, i got great feedbacks from people to add english subtitle in the video. Friends in linked in wanted them so they can watch and recommend to people. Another friend of mine told me, subtitle would be helpful for people with hearing disability like her.

So since this is a long weekend and i can't (well, actually i'm just too lazy) to go to the office to edit the videos, i thought i'll just write the text in my video here.

video text :

Hi welcome back here, with me Nina Moran.
Today i have a question from Diana Rikasari, Thank you so much for the question.

Ok first, wait a second, she asked.. "What scares you the most?"

Umm, thats, a difficult question. OK hmm, what scares me the most,  maybe.. the obvious answer would be, to lose the people that we, i,  love, because they are my source of power and happiness. probably that. But if you want a less obvious answer, i think my biggest fear, what scares me the most is, if my work does not have value anymore for other people. Because i'm the kind of person that, above all, i want to be an impactful person for others. I don't mind if people don't remember my name, but mmm i would love it if something i do really mean something to people. even if it's just one people, i mean one person, not one people. Because one inspired person can change the world, can change anything and able to create things beyond our imagination. So, i guess it will scare the hell out of me, if i don't matter anymore. What i mean by that is, if or when my life and my work, are not meaningful for other people. That.. that's pretty scary.

And then umm, her second question : What is my main priority right now?

So, Gogirl! used to be just Gogirl! right now we are Aprilis Companies. In Aprilis Companies we have several companies. Aprilis Media has, well, is Gogirl. But even Gogirl! is not just a print magazine anymore, Gogirl is actually Gogirl! media because we are also a website, social media, youtube channel, the whole thing. We are also, actually Gogirl also do a lot of activations for our clients.

Aside from Gogirl media, i mean, Aprilis Media, we also have Picnic. Picnic is a retail company, we sells clothes online and at Pondok Indah Mall (jakarta), The jacket that i wore on the previous video and this one are from Picnic.

We also have Aprilis Consultant Creative, wait... Aprilis.. well the brand name is in english, but the company is in bahasa indonesia. Anyway, ACC is a like a production house. We have in-house team to make videos, ads, etc. Which normally we used to create contents through out our companies.

Now the new one is called Resonance. Resonance is actually and online & offline activation agency. What we do is, we create integrated activations online that is tied with "real life" events. The target market of Resonance is older than Gogirl! segment. Resonance was a department in Gogirl that handles all internal and client's activations, but after 9 years, we feel that this very successful department needs to be "released" from Gogirl. So we did and we brand it Resonance. The reason is, so that we are not limited to cater teens' (activations). Because there are so many loyal Gogirl! readers that's already grown up, and we feel it's such a shame if we don't create online and offline activities for them. That's what we are working on right now. Maybe we can say that, Resonance is a start up, and it's my focus right now. Resonance has a big dream. Next year, resonance is going to organize a conference, a pretty big one. We really believe that from this conference we can build a community, and we can share a lot of positivity, for.. well, our aim is for women whose age is above Gogirl, but if suppose teens, and probably men would like to join us, than, it's okay too. That's my main focus right now. I really believe in Resonance. Because, i don't know, i have, i rejected a lot of big opportunities so that i can run Resonance.  I.. I.. i just want to make Resonance as impactful as Gogirl! but for age segment that more... mature than Gogirl. That's my main focus right now.

Now third question, wait, the third one... "Why is it important to be a successful woman?"

Because you need to have your own self worth, and success is..  people's definition of success is varied. But it is important to be successful in whatever you want to. You want to be a successful house mother, i mean house mom, why not? you wan to be a successful career person, why not? you want to be a successful athlete, why not? you want to be a successful entrepreneur, go ahead, what's stopping you? But why is it so important tone successful? Because, you need to have that, that, that goal in life. That makes you feel,"my life has meaning. my life is not an accidental living."So that we don't live our lives while sleepwalking. I mean, it's like, everyday, we live without aim, we live well, coincidentally, because we were born, and then we are here in this world, not really knowing what we are doing here. That's not the kind of... That shouldn't be your life! Because if we live, and we a have an aim to.. to a place, or to a measurement of success, it makes us, everyday, we live our life with.. with.. i don't know.. hmm.. purpose and aim. It's very different. the feeling, compare to if you live everyday, like you wake up because you just woken up. Whatever you are going to do today, is random. It's just very different. It's like if you go to work just because you have to, compare to you go to work because that's what you want to do, that's what makes you happy. Your quality of life is just very different. If we are a house wife, and we play that role with joy, like every day we are so grateful and we really want to become a better and better mom. Or if we want to be even better wives for our husbands, our life, will be, joyful, like we have a goal. I don't know.. it's just that, like our lives are not meaningless. Like there's a purpose of our lives.

So i think why we need to be successful, yea, first for ourselves. So that we can feel, that, we are beneficial to others, meaningful, that we.. are worthwhile. That's why we need to be a successful person not just a successful woman.

For my religious belief, why i need to be successful is because, we live in servitude towards God. We have to have.. we need to live the role that God intended from our lives. There has to be a reason why we live in this world.  There has to be a purpose that God intended, or there's a role that God what us to play or realized or make come true. It's just not possible that all our lives are in vain. It's just not possible that there's no purpose in each of our lives. So i believe that i was put in this world, to live that role or purpose or goal that even i can't imagine my self. So to be successful is part of servitude to God. It's part (of the reason) we dedicate our lives for noble intentions, to glorify God, to use our lives to help others, and..

Why shouldn't you be a successful person? right?

Okay, that's my answers. Thank you so much Diana, for your very difficult, and very insightful questions.

For everyone who wants to ask questions, you can put your questions in the comment section, or you can just put your question randomly on my instagram, or you can email me in nina_juliana@ go ahead, so thank you, thank you so much for joining me in this video, don't miss and click my other videos! Bye!

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