Friday, 30 September 2016


I've had so many low points in my entrepreneurial journey, but these past 2 years has been the most challenging by far.  Things just don't seem like it will get better. Sometimes, many times, i feel like i can't see the way, and merely lead with gut and faith.

Most of my friends tell me, repeatedly, that i will, once again lead the company out of the impossible. I said my thanks, but truthfully, it was getting harder and harder to believe what they believe. 

Yet today, i was awaken, literally by thunderstorm and lighting. I got up, and as i was looking out the window, at 4.28 a.m from my 24th floor room in Hong Kong, i became aware that I woke up with the clearest head i've had in months. 

Yeah, this is the day of transformation. This is the day that i believe, i can and i will lead us through. 

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