Tuesday, 6 September 2016


I had a revelation last sunday. Or was it saturday? Anyway, these words were spoken by Christine Caine, and they slapped me awake,
"You see the magnitude of the problem, and you think you can't do everything. Because you think you can't do everything, you don't do the one thing, that can activate something." 

She said, 
"Many times you give God the list of why you can not. You say, But God, i'm not good enough, i'm not smart enough, i don't know the right people, i'm not talented enough, i'm not this and that, we say this as if God doesn't know. But you see, in your best day, you will never be good enough, but if only you do just one thing, and you bring that one thing to God, you bring your imperfections to God, then God will use that one thing to deliver not just you, but many others. But if you do nothing, it's not just your life that's bound, but many others' too."

"You have been in this mountain too long. Break camp, advance, start moving."

These words makes me feel unaffraid anymore. Everyday, i will hear people affirm me, and even if they don't, i still know i'm in the right track. 

Thank You God, for this powerful message you sent me. I'm sorry i've been a real brat and a whiny bitch lately. I will focus more on this mission you put in my heart. Amen.

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